It All Starts with Giving-A-Dime

Sometimes life can change on a dime, and for one of our classmates it did.  Jose Padilla started the semester in our entrepreneurship class at Utah Valley University.  Everyone quickly grew to love Jose as he often stood in front of the class sharing dreams and ideas of starting his own business some day.  Through class projects and class discussions, Jose quickly became a friend.  His positive attitude and eagerness to learn is something we all came to expect.  It was these admirable and evident characteristics that made us all feel so shocked when, what seemed to come out of nowhere, Jose was diagnosed with cancer.

We all wanted to help and together the brainstorming began.  That’s when it became clear – this was a perfect opportunity to take the classroom into the real world and help a friend.   We began applying the principles and business models that our professor, Jon Pilmer, had taught us to the ideas we had for helping Jose.  Our professor was generous and willing to let us turn the opportunity into our final class project.  We were all excited to first, help our friend and second, use what we had been taught in class to make a real world difference.  Thus began Giving-A-Dime: A Charity Fundraiser for Jose.

JOSE PADILLA vs LEUKEMIA from justin ahlmann on Vimeo.

Please support us as UVU students and help the Padilla family by making a donation below, even if it’s just a couple dollars, and/or attend our Charity Run/Walk on April 21, 2012.  100% of donations go directly to the Padilla family.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to become a sponsor or volunteer.

You can read regular updates and learn more about Jose’s fight with cancer on the Padilla Family Blog.

Fundraising Permit# 8278655-CHE0


4 comments on “It All Starts with Giving-A-Dime

  1. Alaina says:

    Thanks for getting this set up, it is great!

  2. ty says:

    A few years ago a couple of us did a yard sale for a friend in similar situation which raised a couple thousand on one Saturday. All people have stuff in garage that they need gone for spring cleaning right – if you could get a club on campus to help out or some central place where people can bring all things to donate then this could hopefully help. I know i have some stuff such as kids bikes etc – let me know if you do have a yard sale.

  3. Terri Sawyer says:

    I am in 🙂 Everyone needs love, support and hope.

  4. Suzy Branin says:

    God Bless Jose and his family. And God bless his classmates that care so much for him. This kind of love and kindness is the greatest gift!!

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